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Real estate and property developments are always tricky territories, as the rise and the fall of the economy end up playing a big hand in the faith of a project.

Recently, a global leader in business and financial data released a report on Dubai’s ‘Property Surge VS Ghosts of 2009 Crash’ and the article revealed an exciting moon-shaped resort project is potentially on the horizon for Dubai.

Backed by a Canadian firm, the ambitious Moon-Shaped Resort is a game-changing $5 BILLION (AED18.3 billion) project, that could be situated in Dubai Pearl. A moon replica on earth?! So down for that!

The resort has plans for a lunar colony, a lunar surface, a space-themed nightclub and other exciting facilities that’ll make it an ideal pretend-moon experience for 500 times less than a trip to space.

Traveling to the moon will soon just be a car ride away for us Dubai peeps

The spacey destination resort MOON is in talks to open up in Las Vegas, Dubai and China. But Co-Founder of Moon World Resorts spoke to Forbes about the project and revealed that development is “probably too visionary for Las Vegas” and “perhaps China or the UAE will be first” to experience the resort.

Never knew how much Dubai needed this until now! 😍🌚


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