Dubai offers the best of both worlds for anyone and everyone. Whether you are starting a business or coming to the city for a quick visit – it’s hard to stay still when the city has endless opportunities available

1.       Business Hub

-          Every year, the city attracts travellers from all over the world charmed by several investment opportunities with the demand for real estate steadily increasing an average growth of 10.7%. Furthermore, Dubai has placed its foundation connecting its rich heritage and futurism with booming and thriving projects such as The World Islands and Palm Islands. Many investors are keen and interested in the city’s showcase resembling their rich unique characteristic.


2.       Rental Yield

-          In 2020, Dubai has recorded 51,414 real estate transactions worth over DH175 billion transactions.

-          Dubai offers high rental yields in comparison to other major business capitals grossing between 5%-9% depending on the area and location.


3.       High Luxury at affordable prices

-          Property prices in the city are lower with Dubai’s average price per foot is six times lower than what you would receive in other major countries.

-          There are many properties offering offers and discounts which can be highly beneficial such as a studio in Jumeirah Village Circle starting from AED34, 000.



4.       Government initiatives

-          The Government has been opening doors for the market, improving different ways to attract foreign investment. Starting with the introduction of the Golden Visa for long term investment, the visa consists of:

-          The 5 Year Visa for investments that have at least 5 million in purchasing a property which can be split into three properties without the need to make investments in other domains.

-          The 10 Year Visa for those who have at least 10 million in investments with 40% of the investment in real estate. This can be split up to three properties with the other 60% in other sectors.

-          To ensure the eligibility of the visa, there should be no borrowed money as well as keep the property investment for three years.

These benefits offer a sense of permanence and have many relaxations on visa rules - free travel to certain cities and enter and exit Dubai during the width of the visa. This also includes immediate family to also attain the special visas. The visas don’t apply to leasehold or off-plan properties.

-          As of December 2020, the government has allowed 100% ownership for foreign investors to set up businesses without the sponsor of an Emirati. This provides an opportunity to expand markets and revenue streams.




5.       Stable Economy  

-          The country’s economy has grown from the dependence on oil shifting to sectors such as tourism and real estate. After a small downfall in 2020 due to Covid19, the market is slowly recovering showcasing high ROI with EXPO2020 round corner.

-          The government with an alliance of RERA and DLD have maintained a stable ecosystem for investment that is safe and reliable for developers and investors


6.       EXPO 2020

-          All eyes are set on Dubai with the upcoming EXPO 2020 becoming a major game-changer in the business world. The expo will open new opportunities in investment drawing in 25 million visitors from all over the world during the six-month event. This will directly upsurge the demand for real estate in the country.


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Image Source: Quora; Google