Guide to Makani

It can be confusing finding your way around Dubai especially since the city does not have the traditional addressing system.

The Makani application, launched in 2015, is an initiative introduced by the Dubai government to solve this. Also known as My Location in Arabic, Makani is a smart addressing system to help you navigate, locate and search locations anywhere in Dubai whether it be a villa, building, mall or even park. Dubai is the first-ever city to implement this unique electronic map service which later grew to the other emirates.

Each building in Dubai is given a dedicated unique 10 digit number (XXXXX XXXXX) that can be used to find locations through navigational apps such as Google Maps. The Makani helps enables users to locate entrances with 1-metre accuracy.

Makani breaks down language barriers making it accessible to anyone regardless of their language spoken since it uses only numbers. Furthermore, the Dubai government has future plans to progress Makani through system expansion where each building unit and or shop will be able to increase accuracy in location.


Where can I find Makani number

There are several ways to find a Makani number

1.       Website - Visit the official Makani website and type your building address or scroll through the interactive map and click on the chosen building.

For a larger property, there are several markers appointed to entrances. Choose the appropriate maker to show the correct 10 digits.

2.        Makani App – The Makani App is available in Apple and Google Play Stores. After downloading the app, open and use the current location and Makani will find the closest number to you or tap the desired location for the unique code.

3.        Entrance of building – At the entrance of every building, you will find a plate containing the 10 digit code. If you are unable to find it, check with your receptionist. It’s quite simple!


Benefits of using the Makani App

Other than using the Makani App for finding the location, there are other advantages attached to smoothen your location hunt.

-          Get access to live traffic status and updates around Dubai/

-          Options to choose different routes with/without Salik tolls.

-          Find the direction of Qibla

-          Ability to share your Makani number with friends and colleagues.

-          Shows public transport routes in Dubai.

Services that use Makani number

-          If you are lost in an unknown area, you can use the Makani app for emergency services to locate where you are.

-          Those who have a critical illness or people of determination can register their Makani number with the Dubai Police. This ensures priority and call for emergency services.

-          You can book a taxi using Makani to pinpoint your location through the S’hail app or Dubai taxi service.


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