UAE-based ship & vessels manufacturing firm Seagate shipyard has announced the launch of the first units of its floating sea resort Neptune, becoming the first environment-friendly floating house in the world. 

The two-storey floating house is equipped with four bedrooms with attached washrooms, a balcony, a glass swimming pool, a kitchen, a living room, two extra rooms for workers, and ample glass flooring. In total it's spanned over 900 sq.m.

Muhammad Elbahrawy, CEO of Seagate Shipyard, said the main reasons behind launching this project in Dubai is the emirate's position as a major tourist and investment destination, its flexible economic policies and robust infrastructure.

The project will consist of a luxury hotel of 156 suits and rooms, encircled by 12 residential floating boats. Elbahrawy said the remaining units of the DH870 million project will launch in the near future and the project will be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

The first unit of Neptune was bought by Dubai-based businessman Balvinder Sahani, also known as Abu Sabah, for Dh20 million. 

Source: Khaleej Times.

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Main Image source: Gulf News

Other Image source: Khaleej Times