Dubai – the city of possibilities with its ultramodern avant-garde skyscrapers, renowned attractions and a variety of career opportunities that correspond to the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s safe to say Dubai is every expatriate’s paradise from the year-round sunshine, lavish nightlife, work-life balance and the country’s immense dedication towards development and safeguard.

If you are considering Dubai as your new home, here are some reasons why Dubai could be your new home!

1.       Diversity of cultures

-          It can be daunting to move into an unknown city across the opposite side of the world but the demographic here is actually two thirds expatriates – in fact, the chances of your neighbours being foreigners is very high!

-          As soon as you land and step foot into the desert soil, you are greeted with hospitality and sense a strong cohesion and closeness where nationalities unite together regardless of your class or ethnicity.